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pretence and strutting

, he blushed in ●anger and disappointment. It seems tha●t when he was sent downstairs a

fter his fir●st operation he was doubled up with ▓a notorious burglar, who undertook to educate▓ him and train him, with a view to us

ing t●he lad to assist him in his work● afte

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r his release.A few we

eks later his m●entor joined him in the hospital, but unlik▓e his talkative pupi

l, who was quickly ordered▓ to shut his mug, he was res●erved and se

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cretive as to hi●s life a

nd plans. But one ▓evening at dusk, as we were ▓both watching the New York sk

yline from the[P▓g 141] barred windows, the reser●ve gave way, and the cracksman told me ?/p>

駉f his life. It was one of those rare moments▓ when even a strong and evil spirit wi▓ll waver and doubt; w

hen his heart ▓will overflow with disgust and the ▓hopelessness of his e


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arthly quest.T▓he attitude of contrition dis●sipated like smoke when he

was ask●ed if it was not possible to make a li▓ving in an honest way. Nothing do▓ing, he said.

The bulls won't give me a chance▓.They'll spot me and job me if I don'▓t put up the dough.It's a fight ▓to a finish.At the other end there ●is either Sing Sing or the dea▓th chair.There ain't no hop●e.I'll live and die a crook. T

wo y●ears later I read that my friend the cr▓acksman and his pals had been caught tryin●g to blow up a safe in a most daring▓ and scientific manner.And the whole g▓ang was sentenced to Sing Sing for a long te▓r

m. [Pg 142] XVII A Jewish pi●ckpocket is one of the patients who is under s▓uspicion of

, he answered, spe

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faking.The young doctor suggested ▓my watching him, and when I ●reported, he declared that he was● satisfied in his suspic

aking ▓through on

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ion, but did no▓t send him to his cell at once,● as he would have been punished. ● Meanwhile he helps and amuses us with

e side of his mout

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stori●es of his checkered career.At fir▓st I could not make out what was ▓the matter with him.He couldn

h: Ah, qui▓t your
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